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The Emergency Medicine Resident Association recently honored the current emergency medicine chief residents at IU School of Medicine with the 2020 Chief Residents of the Year award.

IU Emergency Medicine Chief Residents Recognized by EMRA as 2020 Chief Residents of the Year

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We are happy to announce that the Emergency Medicine Resident Association (EMRA) recently honored the current Chief Residents the Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine with the 2020 Chief Resident(s) of the Year award!

The Chief Resident(s) of the Year award, “recognizes a chief resident (or team of chief residents) who act as a mentor, role model, and above all friend to their classmates.” They describe recipients of the award as “individuals [who] strive for excellence in all aspects of emergency medicine and go above and beyond to support their residency program” and who support fellow residents “in all aspects of their training, including: resident involvement, issues, well-being, and goals.” The Chief Resident(s) of the Year award is part of a larger award that EMRA offers every year called Honoring Excellence in Emergency Medicine. This award “[recognizes] outstanding work and [helps] to foster excellence among clinicians, educators, and leaders in EM” and ranges from academic excellence to contribution to pre-hospital care.

You can learn more about EMRA’s Honoring Excellence in Emergency Medicine award by clicking here.


Current IUSM Emergency Medicine Chief Residents Andrea Purpura, MD, Kimi Chernoby, MD, JD, Devin Doos, MD, Carter Duggan, MD, and combined EM/Peds Chief Residents William J. Martin, MD, and Emily A. Wagner, MD, exemplify service, mentorship and the overall spirit of IUSM Emergency Medicine. According to Butch J. Humbert, MD, Residency Program Director and associate professor of clinical emergency medicine: 

"This year’s chief residents have done an outstanding job furthering our departmental mission to lead emergency medicine through innovation in a collegial environment. Their work to positively impact the well-being of residents becoming new parents is groundbreaking and a great example of working collaboratively to successfully implement innovative solutions. The support that they provide to their fellow residents is a contribution that is difficult to measure and is a large part of what makes the IUSM EM residency great. This year’s schedules have come out well in advance helping residents plan their busy lives, which is yet another example of their commitment to the well-being of their fellow residents. The example they have set and their influence on promoting resident wellness will have a long-lasting impact on the program."

Congratulations to our outstanding Chief Residents on this well-deserved achievement!

Interested in learning more about the IUSM Emergency Medicine Residency Program? Click here to check out the residency program and read more about our current residents.

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