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Administrative Core

The Administrative Core of the Indiana Alcohol Research Center provides leadership by coordinating and optimizing the synergy of the interacting components and cores.  The Administrative Core also provides financial oversight and administrative support for all center work and provides leadership in identifying, recruiting, and developing new center investigators. It also fosters collaborative research between the center and other investigators, as well as centers domestically and abroad.  

1901-Kareken, David

David A. Kareken, PhD

Center Director
Professor of Neurology

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Cristine Czachowski, PhD

Deputy Director
Professor of Psychology, IUPUI School of Science

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portrait of christopher lapish

Christopher C. Lapish, PhD

Scientific Director

Steering Committee

Martin Plawecki, Center Investigator

Marion Logrip, Center Investigator 

Nicholas Grahame, Center Core Faculty

Melissa Cyders, Center Core Faculty

Karmen Yoder, Center Core Faculty

Tamika Zapolski, Center Core Faculty

Steve Boehm, Center Investigator

Internal Scientific Advisors

Howard Edenberg, Distinguished Professor, Indiana University School of Medicine

Tatiana Foroud, Executive Associate Dean for Research Affairs, Indiana University School of Medicine, Chair of the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs for Clinical Research at Indiana University Health

Sean O’Connor, Professor of Psychiatry, Indiana University School of Medicine

Bryan Yamamoto, Robert B. Forney Professor Emeritus of Toxicology, Indiana University School of Medicine

External Program Advisory Board

Andrea King, Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, Pritzker School of Medicine, The University of Chicago

Christian Hendershot, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies.  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  Director of the Clinical and Translational Addiction Research Program

(Lawrence) Judson Chandler, Professor, Department of Neuroscience, Medical University of South Carolina

Gregg E. Homanics, Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, University of Pittsburgh

Bruce Lamb, Director, Stark Neurosciences Research Institute, Roberts Family Chair in Alzheimer's Disease Research, Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics, Indiana University

Olaf Sporns, Distinguished Professor, Provost Professor, Robert H. Shaffer Chair, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University, Bloomington