Education and Outreach

Acquiring use of research methods

The Indiana Alcohol Research Center partners with researchers across the globe to provide selectively bred lines of rats and mice for alcohol studies. Center investigators have also developed the computerized alcohol infusion system (CAIS) for the administration of ethanol to prescribe and maintain blood alcohol concentrations within great experimental precision. 

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Contact Marty Plawecki for CAIS

Prevention in schools

faculty members in a classroomGoing 4 Goals is a nine-session skills group that is an adaptation of the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Adolescents (DBT-A) (Rathus, Miller, & Linehan, 2014) and DBT Skills in Schools: Skills Training for Emotional Problem Solving for Adolescents (DBT STEPS-A) (Mazza et al., 2016) manuals. The Going 4 Goals program has been implemented in school and community settings, occurring once a week during school/center hours, and lasting approximately 40 minutes (i.e., one class period). The primary objectives of G4G program are to teach youth core DBT-A skills in mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness, with the goal of increasing skills attainment and decreasing risk for youth substance use and risky behaviors.

If you are interested in implementing Going 4 Goals in your setting, please contact Tamika Zapolski, PhD.

Alcohol use disorder educational materials

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has several resources that can be used by individuals, groups and agencies. These are linked below. Please check back later for more resources developed by the Indiana Alcohol Research Center, focusing on health care provider training and community education presentations.

The health care professional's core resource on alcohol

The Core Resource on Alcohol offers free CME/CE credit for 14 practical, evidence-based articles for health care professionals about alcohol and health, including foundational knowledge, clinical impacts, and strategies for preventing and treating alcohol problems.

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Alcohol use in Indiana Youth

  • 30% of youth in Indiana use alcohol

  • 11% of youth in Indiana use alcohol in hazardous way, including binge drinking (drinking more than 4/5 drinks per drinking occasion for boys and girls, respectively)

  • Drinking impairs judgment, interferes with brain development and increases risk of injury and death

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infographic shows prevalence of youth alcohol use, gender and racial trends, dangers and warning signs.