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Information Dissemination Core

The objective of this core is to serve as a bridge for the strong expertise and empirical science conducted at the Indiana Alcohol Research Center and engagement with our community, with the ultimate goal of increasing public knowledge about the scientific underpinnings of alcohol use disorder (AUD), especially in under-resourced communities, and improving AUD outcomes. We will do this through two complementary approaches: one in which we partner with community organizations to disseminate much needed evidence-based AUD programming, and the other in which we utilize our alcohol research experts in an educative and advisory manner to assist community agencies and partners. The positive impact of our proposed work will be in reducing prevalence of and improving outcomes for youth with AUD throughout the state of Indiana by expanding access to AUD science programming, and by helping inform science-based policy, provider education, and community awareness.

portrait of melissa cyders

Melissa A. Cyders, PhD

Professor of Psychology
School of Science, IUPUI

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44312-Zapolski, Tamika

Tamika C. Zapolski, PhD, MS

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

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