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Positive blitz at IUPUI


INDIANAPOLIS – A “positive blitz” came to Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis today, Nov. 19.

Campus representatives placed more than 1,000 Post-it notes with handwritten positive and supportive messages on vehicles in several parking lots. The blitz began at 12:15 p.m.

Among the messages:

•    IUPUI believes in you!
•    You make the world a better place.
•    You’re an inspiration to others.
•    You are courageous. You are fearless.

In recognition of the campus’s effort to create a caring, nurturing environment that fosters student success, Mayor Greg Ballard proclaimed Nov. 19 as Positive Post-It Day in Indianapolis.

“We hope that Jaguars and visitors will see what’s happening and spread the positivity throughout the city,” said Zebulun Davenport, vice chancellor for student affairs at IUPUI.

The mayor’s proclamation states, “A simple act such as complimenting an individual either in person or in a note can increase positivity and sense of safety and result in a multi-fold pay-it-forward effect throughout the city.”

Davenport also said they hope the positive blitz will help students and employees with stress they face near the end of the fall semester.

“There are many contributing factors that increase a person’s stress level during this time of the year,” Davenport said. “The end-of-the-semester projects, exams, everyday life and the increased pressure that surrounds the holidays are all factors. Toss in near-freezing temperatures and it can be tough to get moving. IUPUI wanted to do something small to make some of our Jaguars’ day a little easier and a little brighter.”