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For families and individuals whose lives are “one big hurry,” Camp Brosius in Wisconsin is a welcoming summer retreat that should top the vacation list of where to go this year. The all-inclusive resort on Lake Elkhart’s scenic waterfront combines a family vacation with a summer camp experience. Think traditional summer camp, except mom, dad and grandparents join the fun.

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Located 60 miles north of Milwauke, Camp Brosius is owned and operated by Indiana University. Eight one-week camp sessions will be offered in 2013 from June 9 through August 3.

Campers create their own vacations and lasting memories at Camp Brosius, choosing from time-honored activities like sailing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, fishing as well as other activities like tennis, archery and hiking during the day, while camp staff provide fun-filled evenings for the whole family. Because there are age-appropriate all-day children’s programs supervised by trained college students, mom and dad time have time to relax and participate in as many or few activities as they like.

Camp lodging features cottages that sleep eight, with private bath and screened porch; hotel-style rooms that sleep four, with sink and shared bath; and cabins that sleep four on bunks, with electricity and shared bathhouse. Three buffet-style meals are served daily in the camp dining hall.

To learn more about a camp where many return year-after-year, visit the camp’s online website.

(Editor’s note: Indiana University would be happy to host travel writers at Camp Brosius. For more information about visiting the camp, contact Rich Schneider, with IU Communications, 317-278-4564;