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IU School of Medicine nationally recognized for work-life balance practices for academic physicians


The School of Medicine was recognized for its innovative culture of support for faculty at all phases of the career life cycle, from recruitment to senior faculty and institutional leaders, by focusing on three main factors identified in previous research as critical to workplace flexibility: clarity of role expectations, support of work-life demands and workplace schedule input.

School of Medicine faculty leaders directing this project include D. Craig Brater, M.D., dean and principal investigator; Stephen P. Bogdewic, Ph.D., executive associate dean for faculty affairs and professional development; and Mary E. Dankoski, M.D., associate dean of faculty affairs.

“Faculty are the School of Medicine,” Brater said. “With this award, we will continue to develop new programs to address these critical factors that affect their vitality and ability to attain their goals, as well as improve communication and education of institutional policies, enhance support for flexibility in clinical service units, provide greater support for dependent caregiving demands — such as child and elder care — and increase the engagement of part-time and senior faculty.”

Since 2003, ACE, in partnership with the Sloan Foundation, has been investigating the structural and cultural changes necessary to increase flexibility in faculty careers.

“Our colleagues at the Association of American Medical Colleges note that the United States is facing a looming crisis: a serious doctor shortage,” ACE Senior Vice President Gretchen M. Bataille said. “If our medical schools aren’t retaining the right faculty, then that shortage will only be exacerbated. These institutions that have been recognized are taking bold steps to keep the best and the brightest teachers, which helps attract future doctors. We are grateful to the Sloan Foundation for its continued support of these efforts.”

As the nation’s second largest medical school, and the only medical school in Indiana, the IU School of Medicine has more than 1,900 full-time and part-time faculty and educates medical students on nine campuses across the state. This fall, 1,880 students are pursuing advanced degrees at the School of Medicine, including 1,245 future physicians and 217 doctoral students.


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