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Pilot Diabetes Program Links Doctors, Patients and Communities to Health Resources


Funded by a grant from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases and the IU School of Medicine, IN-D Link has nearly 800 resources to guide people to better nutrition, physical activity, weight loss, support services and other resources that can improve their quality of life.

“Increasing evidence shows that persons with diabetes can significantly improve their health by modest changes in their lifestyle, particularly those aimed at increasing their physical activity and reducing their weight,” said David Marrero, Ph.D., J.O. Richey Professor of Medicine and director of the IN-D-Link program.  “This project should really help people find resources to support making lifestyle changes that are close to where they live.”

At present, IN-D Link is limited to serving as a reference source for people living in Hamilton, Hancock, Madison and Marion counties. Although IN-D Link can be accessed by the public, it is designed to help physicians provide resource information to their patients.

Physicians can refer patients with diabetes and pre-diabetes to IN-D Link, where staff members will contact the patient, explore their interests, discuss options and help them connect to resources within their community that can support their plan to eat healthier, exercise more or lose weight.

The physician receives feedback on the conversation with the patient and what community resources the patient selected from the comprehensive database, which is organized by location, cost and type of resource to better serve the patient’s needs.

IN-D Link is a free service and can help physicians save time while providing the most current resource information to patients.

For additional information, contact In-D Link staff at 317-278-0970 or