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<p>This weekend, Dec. 18 and 19, guests on the award-winning <em>Sound Medicine</em> radio show will discuss a smarter implementation of the PSA screening test and a proposed overhaul of the nation’s food safety laws.</p>

Rethinking the PSA Test for Prostate Cancer – This Week on Sound Medicine


Sound Medicine co-host David Crabb will chat about prostate cancer screening methods with Andrew Vickers, Ph.D., of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.  The problem with the old-standby test for prostate cancer, the PSA blood test, is that it can’t reveal whether a cancer is fast-growing and dangerous or slow growing and less harmful.

Congress is poised to overhaul the nation’s food safety system with new legislation that would give the FDA new powers to recall tainted foods, improve inspections, and keep a closer eye on farmers and food manufacturers. Sound Medicine host Barbara Lewis will get details on the proposed regulations from Erik Olson, director of Food and Consumer Product Safety Programs at The Pew Health Group.

The FDA does have authority to approve medical devices. Recently, the agency approved a couple of weight-loss gizmos called “fat zappers.” Mayo Clinic researcher and endocrinologist Michael Jensen, M.D., has tested the devices. Sound Medicine’s Kathy Miller, M.D., will ask him how they work and if he recommends using them.

Traveling with children over the holidays? Barbara Lewis will chat with child psychologist Fran Walfish, Ph.D., whose new book, The Self-Aware Parent, offers tips for families who want to greet the New Year with less kiddy drama.

Also this week, we’ll hear from essayist Larry Cripe, M.D., oncologist and medical director for palliative care at University Hospital in Indianapolis.

For more information on this show or archived editions, check the Sound Medicine website.

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