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<p>Alan D. Rogol, M.D., Ph.D., professor of clinical pediatrics, part time, at the Indiana University School of Medicine, has been appointed a vice president of the Endocrine Society, the world’s leading organization devoted to research on hormones and the clinical practice of endocrinology.</p>

Indiana University Physician Named Vice President of Endocrine Society


Dr. Rogol, whose appointment was effective June 22, 2010, will serve as vice president (physician-in-practice) of the Endocrine Society through June 18, 2013.

A past secretary of the Pediatric Endocrine Society (2004-2010) and president of ODR Consulting, Dr. Rogol’s research interests include the endocrinology of growth and adolescence, the effect of sports trauma on the growth and body composition of adolescents, and the neuro-endocrinology of head injuries.