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This Week on Sound Medicine — Sept. 6

Sound Medicine reporter Sandy Roob visited several community health clinics that are receiving federal recovery funds and will share people’s thoughts about the benefits from this initiative.

Sound Medicine reporter Shia Levitt will explore the growing phenomenon of baby boomers who are returning to illicit drug use of their younger years and forcing managers of drug rehabilitation programs to face new challenges dealing with boomers’ issues. Timothy Condon, Ph.D., deputy director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse will explain this surge.

John Medina, M.D., developmental molecular biologist at University of Washington School of Medicine, will discuss his new book, Brain Rules, which dissects the inner workings of the brain, revealing the ways we can most effectively improve our lives at school, work and home.

Author Paul Roberts will discuss his new book, The End of Food, which explains why he believes that the current system for growing, producing and selling food can leave the U.S. vulnerable to an increasing number of food-borne illnesses.

In this week’s Sound Medicine “Checkup,” Jeremy Shere, Ph.D., will explore new dentistry techniques that dentists are exploring to put patients at ease.

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