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International Symposium on Cardiac Development to be at Riley Hospital

The symposium, organized by Riley Heart Center faculty Anthony B. Firulli, Ph.D., Simon J. Conway, Ph.D, and Randall L. Caldwell, MD, is targeted to basic scientists, clinical cardiologists and heart surgeons. It will focus on issues pertaining to cardiovascular development with a specific look at transcriptional regulation of heart development.

In addition to presentations by IU researchers, others from the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom will discuss the latest in cardiovascular advances.

Proceedings from the symposium will be published in a future issue of the journal Pediatric Cardiology.

Riley Hospital and the Riley Heart Research Center, which is part of the Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research in the IU Department of Pediatrics, is known for its outstanding pediatric cardiac clinical care and surgery.

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