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Alzheimer's Disease Research Seeks Volunteers for Clinical Study

The drug, bapineuzumab, is an antibody, which is a protein usually produced by white blood cells to destroy foreign substances in the body. In this use, it is hoped bapineuzumab will attack the amyloid protein in the brain believed to cause symptoms such as memory loss and confusion.

Participants in the clinical study will be required to make 20 visits to the Indiana University Medical Center over the course of the study. To qualify, participants must have mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease, be between the age of 50 to 88 years and have a caregiver willing to accompany the participate.

For more information about this or other clinical studies for Alzheimer’s disease at the IU School of Medicine, contact Elva Van Hook, RN, at 317-278-8389 or call 866-257-0195 toll free.