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<p>This weekend, Jan. 19 and 20, Sound Medicine, the award-winning weekly radio program hosted by Barbara Lewis, will discuss sexual health issues.</p>

Wellness Resolutions, Sodium and Stem Cell Research Topics on This Week’s Sound Medicine

This week, Sound Medicine will explore the medical value of pneumonia vaccines, which are recommended for various groups by the Centers for Disease Control. Also this week, energy drinks, which boost blood pressure even in the young and healthy, may leave hypertensive adults more charged up than they bargained for.

Cold weather and sinus infections seem to go hand-in-hand. Or do they? The connection will be discussed by Ralph Metson, MD, author of “The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healing Your Sinuses.”

Author Jack El-Hai will discuss his work that became the PBS American Experience documentary “The Lobotomist”—about the doctor who invented and popularized lobotomies. It will air Jan. 21 on PBS stations.

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