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First Block Of Exams

So I survived! This past week we had our first block of exams: Biochemistry, Anatomy, Anatomy Lab, and Cell/Molecular Bio on Friday. It sure was a long week filled with loooooooooong study sessions, tons of energy drinks, and of course, my Colombian coffee.    I can’t believe how fast this last month has gone by, but nevertheless, I have learned three things: 1) You will always study so much but by the day of your exam you will feel like you know nothing, 2) There is no way you can completely master every subject, and 3) medical is school what everyone always told you times three!

The best advice I can give is to make sure to always stay on top of your lectures, study everyday, and definitely take some time off during the day to work out or do what you like to do! I found that to me working out or playing soccer at least an hour day kept my sanity lol. And trust me, there will come a point where coffee nor any energy drink will keep you awake so make sure to just rest as much as possible whenever possible. Other than that, this past month has been great. I have gotten the opportunity to meet amazing people as well as volunteer at the Student Outreach Clinic where I got to make a difference. So far I am glad I chose to come to IUSM, and I am blessed they chose me!