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So, why should I take the GQ?


Class of 2018,

As we count down to graduation, you’re no doubt busy and excited to begin your next phase of medical training. While I know there are many demands on your time, I’m writing to ask you to set aside time to complete the AAMC Graduation Questionnaire (GQ) if you have not already done so.

I appreciate that this is the second survey we are asking you to complete this spring, so I want to take a moment to answer some questions we have received from students.

Didn’t I just take a survey?

Yes. More than 90 percent of your class completed the Strategic Student Survey (S3), a new IU School of Medicine-administered survey focused specifically on your experiences during MS4. We are required to gather this data as part of reaccreditation. Thank you for participating and sharing your insights.

The GQ is a different survey administered to all fourth-year medical students in the United States. It looks at all four years of medical school and is also important for our accreditation status.

Why do I need to take both surveys?

Both are vital to measuring student satisfaction and assessing your educational experience.

  1. The GQ lets us compare ourselves to other medical schools.
    We might see that 85 percent of students are satisfied with a specific element of medical education and be inclined to think we’re doing fairly well. But nationally, that might only put us in the lower quartile of all medical schools. The GQ gives us context and helps us identify areas that need work.
  2. The S3 enables us to gather real-time feedback from each year of medical school.
    Each class is taking a unique Strategic Student Survey that asks about experiences for the current academic year. The highly tailored format provides two advantages:

    • We can be nimble and make changes to specific phases of medical education without having to wait for the results of GQ after graduation.
    • We can measure the impact of any changes we implement by comparing results year-over-year.

What impact will GQ have on me or my peers?

We pledge to use your feedback to make a positive impact on the student experience. You’ve already made amazing changes possible at IU School of Medicine. As you transition into alumni, we want you to be proud of your legacy and the ways the school continues to improve because of your feedback.

What incentives are there to take GQ?

  • The satisfaction that you will have a tangible impact on the people and programs at IU School of Medicine!
  • A commencement parking pass for every graduating student if your class reaches 80 percent completion of GQ by May 2. As of April 23, the completion rate is 56%. These passes are valued at $20 and are for the State Government Garage right next to the Convention Center. Having a guaranteed convenient parking spot will give you one less thing you’ll have to worry about on your big day! The passes are valued at $20 but not having to worry about finding a good parking spot is priceless!
  • Oh, and don’t forget you can still win an Apple Watch for taking the GQ! Learn how to qualify.

-Bradley Allen, MD, PhD

A "GQ" magazine cover featuring Dr. Bradley Allen

A “GQ” magazine cover featuring Dr. Bradley Allen

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