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In Their Words: The Health Research Outcomes IMPRS Track

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The Health Research Outcomes (HRO) track within the Indiana University Medical Student Program for Research and Scholarship (IMPRS) enables students to work in interdisciplinary teams of researchers, informaticians, statisticians and clinicians on projects aimed at improving health care delivery. We asked a former participant and Class of 2022 student, Griffin Selch, about his experience.

Can you describe your research experience within the Health Research Outcomes (HRO) track?

Within the VA system, there is a need to increase the efficiency of triaging stroke patients as there currently is a shortage of neurologists. One of the initiatives the VA system has implemented involves the use of telemedicine to leverage neurologists available across the country. My role was to analyze data involving these telemedicine meetings between patients and neurologists to determine the metrics which most likely predict the success of the interaction. Once these metrics are known, strategic changes can be made to better the program.

Why did you decide to pick this track within IMPRS?

I wanted a project that was relatively broad in scope. Clinicians of various medical fields interact with patients who have had or are at risk for a stroke. This project and track also allowed me to work with veterans, clinicians, statisticians and my clinical mentor regularly. The support I had from both my clinical mentor and the Regenstrief Institute really enhanced my research.

How did you select your clinical mentor?

I went to the IMPRS site and looked through the list of mentors provided. I reach out to two mentors on the list whose work I found interesting. One of the mentors listed referred me to a colleague who ended up being my mentor. The link to the list is here.

What is the next step for your research?

I am excited to be presenting my work from this summer at the International Stroke Conference in Los Angeles, CA, this coming February and am also working on a manuscript for publication.

How do you think your experience within the track will impact your future career?

This track allowed me to not only participate in research in the growing field of telemedicine, but also allowed me to be immersed in the clinical environment. I was able to round with neurologists and interact with veterans which was very valuable.

You can find out more about the IMPRS tracks here.

The IMPRS Summer Program Application is due January 15, 2020.