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The NRMP ranking system in R3 is open! Rank lists must be certified and submitted by Feb. 28 at 9 p.m. EST.

Ready, Set, Rank (Part 2)

The NRMP ranking system in R3 is open! Rank lists MUST BE CERTIFIED AND SUBMITTED by Feb. 28 at 9 p.m. EST. You should see a green check mark letting you know you are good to go!

Your status on the NRMP page will be listed as “Not Verified.” You do not need to worry about this beyond making sure that you are on track for your graduation requirements. You will be “verified,” meaning that you have been verified as expected to graduate by the Registrar’s Office well ahead of the Feb. 28 deadline. Please let your lead advisor know if you have not been verified by Wednesday, Feb. 21.

Rank order lists cannot be imported on a mobile device.

Rules for making a rank list:

  • Rank all the programs where you interviewed! Unless there is some compelling reason you would not want to train there, every program should be ranked. Applicants who rank more programs have a higher probability of matching.
  • Rank the program you really want #1. Rank all the programs in the order that you prefer them without regard to your perceived chances of matching there.
  • Do not try to “game” the system. The Match algorithm will give you the highest program on your list possible. It will continue to try until your top choice is full. Then, it moves on to your second choice, and so on. It gives priority to the student’s top choice, not the program’s top choice. The Match is APPLICANT leaning!
  • The Match list is confidential. Programs do not know where they were on your list, and you will not know where a program ranked you.
  • Don’t make last-minute changes to your rank list. Leave it alone! Have your rank order list entered and certified a few days ahead of the Feb. 28 deadline to avoid any unanticipated systems issues.

See the Match on my Mind blog post from last week for helpful links. For questions, reach out to your lead advisor, Dr. Rusk, or the NRMP Help Desk.

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