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May is Mental Health Awareness Month; check out these resources

green ribbon Mental Health awareness month

The IU School of Medicine Department of Mental Health Services serves as an inclusive and affirming resource for all members of the school community. The department stands in solidarity with all medical students, residents and faculty who live with mental health conditions. 

From the Department of Mental Health Services (DMHS): 

“We believe it’s important to realize that mental health struggles are very widespread and seeking support for those struggles is not only important, it’s very common as well. Over the course of their medical training at IU School of Medicine, 38 percent of medical students who graduated in 2021, and 27 percent of the residents and fellows who graduated in 2021 sought services from DMHS. In fact, on average, DMHS sees around 300 trainees for counseling and medication management each month. Additional trainees take care of their mental health needs through outside resources and support. 

Common struggles include anxiety, depression, burnout and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. If you live with any of these experiences, you are not alone in your struggles. We know that stigma still exists for mental health struggles and mental health treatment. Each fall we walk in the Suicide Awareness Walk as part of IU School of Medicine’s Stigma Stompers team to help reduce the stigma and normalize the experience and treatment of mental health conditions.

We want to encourage everyone at IU School of Medicine to help reduce stigma and realize that mental health struggles are part of being human and particularly common in the high-stress, high-pressure medical field.” 

If you want to learn more, please check out these resources for self-assessments, education and support:

Check out available mental health screenings
Learn more about some mental health conditions and diagnoses
Watch this one-minute video to learn how to talk about mental health. 
View this one-minute video to learn how to talk about mental health in the Black community.
Find resources for LGBTQ+ individuals. 
Find strategies to help with self-care:
Self-care video for frontline workers 
InsightTimer: Free app for sleep, anxiety and stress

In addition, learn about the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s campaign to increase awareness and support for mental health care. 

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