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Top 3 reasons to explore a career in academic medicine

Alvaro Tori, MD speaking to medical students

As a Latino immigrant and member of the LGBTQ community, Alvaro Tori, MD, associate dean for Diversity Affairs, is determined to increase diversity in the academic physician workforce—a core value and driver of IU School of Medicine’s institutional excellence—through the Academic Medicine Career Development Conference on Wednesday, August 26, 2020. This virtual conference is designed for diverse medical students and residents across all nine of IU School of Medicine’s campuses who are interested in pursuing academic medicine and seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth.

“Studies have shown that diversity enhances the quality of education for all learners/trainees, engenders non-minoritized students to be more civic minded, and equips students and trainees to treat patients from a wide range of ethnic and racial backgrounds,” Tori said. “Minoritized physicians are more likely to be involved in practice, research, education, scholarship, service and mentorship activities aligned with their identity.”

Unfortunately, academic institutions across the nation have witnessed lower proportions of minoritized individuals in the academic medicine workforce compared to the general population. According to Tori, “Minoritized medical students are less likely to desire a career in academic medicine, and when they do, they often feel that they lack tools for success in navigating the academic medicine culture. This conference will provide those tools for success and will bring awareness, interest and preparedness for pursuing an academic medicine career.”

To learn more about what the Academic Medicine Career Development Conference has to offer, check out our top three reasons to attend.

Medical students talking with one another#1: Explore academic medicine careers to fit with personal and professional interests

Faculty at IU School of Medicine understand that finding an academic medicine career one loves and is passionate about can be an overwhelming process. As a participant, individuals will have access to resources and opportunities to help them decide which medical career is right for them. Physician leaders at IU School of Medicine are dedicated to helping learners pave their way toward an exciting career which involves both patient care and research.

Medical student speaking with a faculty member

#2: Expand your network among academic medicine colleagues and role models

This conference features 13 keynote speakers known across the world for their expertise in research, clinical sciences and teaching. These individuals are excited to share their tips and tricks with learners who are interested in embarking on the academic medicine journey. Not only will participants receive valuable insight into IU School of Medicine, but they also will be offered mentorship, career and professional development, and networking opportunities.

Medical students at the Cross Cultural Retreat#3: Experience relevant content tailored for groups underrepresented in medicine

Racial and ethnically diverse medical students are less likely than their white counterparts to report an interest in pursuing academia. The goal of this conference is to help individuals learn about and prepare for this path. The Academic Medicine Career Development Conference is open to all but has been specifically tailored for groups underrepresented in medicine, including racial and ethnic minorities, individuals in the LGBTQ+ community and women.

Interested in attending? Register for the Academic Medicine Career Development Conference here to reserve a spot.

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Madison Pershing

Madison Pershing is a Marketing and Communications Assistant for Indiana University School of Medicine’s Faculty Affairs, Professional Development, and Diversity.