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Congratulations, 2020 Volunteer Faculty Teaching Award Winners

Every year, more than half of our medical students rotate outside the Academic Health Centers, thus working with amazing volunteer faculty. We’re so grateful for the time and dedication that our volunteer faculty have contributed to the clinical teaching and education of our students. Our program wouldn’t be where it is if it wasn’t for them. Each year, we like to recognize our volunteer faculty to show them our appreciation by giving select faculty the IU School of Medicine Emergency Medicine Volunteer Faculty Teaching Award. Please join us in thanking them for being an integral part of our education mission!

Todd Bagwell, MD – St. Francis, Indianapolis

“Excellent teacher and fun to work with. Went above and beyond to help teach me things and give me helpful tips.”


Dave VanRyn, MD – South Bend

“He is a pleasure to be around and a great teacher especially when it comes to difficult patients. I had a blast with him.”


Jake Capito, MD – Fort Wayne

"Dr. Capito was great to work with. He is a wonderful teacher and spent time after every patient to discuss the differential diagnosis as well as an educational topic related to each patient. I learned a lot in just a short amount of time that I was with him."


Gina Huhnke, MD – Evansville

“She has an incredible bedside manner and interaction with colleagues that everyone should want to replicate.”


William Baldwin, MD – Evansville

“Did a good job of figuring out what I knew and didn’t know and helped teach me things that I didn’t. Was a pleasure to work with.”


William Spanenberg, MD – Veterans Affairs, Indianapolis

“Very interactive, inclusive and enthusiastic about teaching.”


Matt Bence, DO – Community South, Indianapolis

“Great teacher. Challenged me.”


Karen Crevier, MD – IUH West

“I learned a ton from her. She fosters a great environment to learn and grow.”


Megan Crittendon, MD – IUH North

One of the most effective instructors I've had.”


Luke Schafer, MD – Eskenazi Hospital, Indianapolis

“Absolutely incredible educator and a pleasure to work with.”


Sarah Kennedy, MD – Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis

“Creates an environment of inspiration and a safe place to learn.”


Robert Collins, MD – IUH Saxony

“Dr. Collins is a very effective instructor and a great example of a caring physician. I learned a lot from him through example.”


Kevin Emmerich, MD – Gary

“Dr. Emmerich allowed me to see a lot of patients and had a style that was intuitive for learning. I was able to see more patients in less time and work on having a more natural presentation.”


Daniel Garrison, MD – Bloomington

“Really great EM preceptor. Allows freedom to see patients, learn, present, discuss diagnoses.”


Brad Hayes, MD – Muncie

“Outstanding preceptor, really encouraged me to learn and grow.”


Georgios Filiadis, DO – Terre Haute

“Allowed me to see a great variety of patient cases and did a good job explaining his thought process in diagnosing and treating that patient.”


Nick Sansone, DO – Lafayette

“Always willing to answer my questions about conditions and patients and rational for decisions.”