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Final preparations have started

Kacena Lab Video Post

Written by Sue Samson

Now that the groundwork for the cell study has been completed, tested and re-tested, team members have now shifted their focus to the actual performance — setting up the bioreactors, hardware and cells that will go the International Space Station.

The video clips below show some of the lab activities going on this week.

This video shows several Army, IU and NASA teams working together to complete steps for the bioreactor protocol. Each team consists of a ‘reader’ sitting behind the researcher executing activities in a sterile hood. Readers are responsible for clearly reciting each procedural step and then watching and confirming that the step was performed correctly. Toward the middle of this clip, you’ll see Ushasi Dadwal preparing the spaceflight bioreactors for cell loading.


This is an up-close look at Rachel Blosser working in the hood while flushing media through the internal and external ports of the spaceflight bioreactor.


This is a good look at the spaceflight hardware that will house the bioreactor. In this clip, you’ll see the NASA engineering team preparing the hardware for the actual integration of the bioreactor (which will occur L-35 hr, or NASA talk for 35 hours prior to launch).

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