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Meet the team: Ushashi Dadwal

Ushashi Dadwal

Ushashi Dadwal

Written by Ushashi Dadwal

Hi, everyone,

I’m Ushashi Dadwal, a new postdoctoral appointee in Dr. Kacena’s lab.

I received my PhD in chemical engineering from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. For my dissertation work, I studied how tumor cells behave on different rigidities, i.e., would certain tumor cells prefer rigid surfaces like the bone or softer tissue like breast? I used a 3D printing sacrificial mold methodology to make the rigid vs soft tissue mimics.

I relocated to Indiana University School of Medicine for my postdoctoral work in the research lab of Uma Sankar, PhD, and to expand my knowledge of molecular biology.

I just recently started in Dr. Kacena’s lab to gain experience in fracture healing within the aging population. Within two months of joining the lab, I have caught “space fever” and am excited to participate in the upcoming studies at NASA Kennedy Space Center at Orlando, Florida.

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