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IU researchers study long-term effects of COVID-19 on bone growth

SARS-CoV-2 can cause quick and significant bone loss—even when infections of the virus that causes COVID-19 appear to be mild.

Researchers in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine discovered that mouse models infected with the novel coronavirus lost approximately 25% of their bone mass within two weeks of contagion. They also found mouse models with a 63% increase in osteoclasts, the cells that cause bone to break down.

Caitlin VanOverberghe  |  Oct 04, 2021

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Nicholas Thelen works with research equipment in the Gingery Lab, where he is studying as part of the IMPRS program.

IMPRS students take on summer research

Fourteen medical students are experiencing medical innovation first-hand as they work alongside several orthopaedic faculty members and conduct research as part of the Indiana University

IU School of Medicine  |  Jul 15, 2021

Melissa Kacena poses with two other researchers. All three people are smiling and wearing protective coverall suits.

Megakaryocytes link researcher's bone-healing work to COVID-19

One Indiana University School of Medicine researcher is using her study of bone and fracture healing to better understand the effects of COVID-19 on the

Caitlin VanOverberghe  |  May 26, 2021

Earth Observation Taken By Expedition 49 Crew

Record space flight inspires bone research at IU School of Medicine

NASA astronaut Christina Koch returned to Earth recently after a record-setting 328-day stay on the International Space Station. The feat is an important milestone for

Caitlin VanOverberghe  |  Mar 03, 2020

Mustufa Shaiek

Meet the team: Mustufa Shaiek

Written by Mustufa Shaiek My name is Mustufa Shaikh, and I am 25 years old. I recently graduated from IUPUI in 2017. During my undergraduate

Caitlin VanOverberghe  |  Jan 22, 2020

Paulina Medina

Meet the team: Paulina Medina

Written by Paulina Medina Hello, everyone! My name is Paulina Medina, and I am a junior majoring in Health and Human Sciences with a minor

Caitlin VanOverberghe  |  Jan 17, 2020

Stephen Mendenhall

Meet the team: Stephen Mendenhall

Written by Stephen Mendenhall My name is Stephen Mendenhall. I am a fifth-year neurosurgery resident interested in spine surgery. I joined Dr. Kacena’s lab in

Caitlin VanOverberghe  |  Jan 14, 2020

Bianca Osuna

Meet the team: Bianca Osuna

Written by Bianca Osuna My name is Bianca Osuna. I am in my junior year at IUPUI studying neuroscience and psychology and am pursuing a

Caitlin VanOverberghe  |  Jan 10, 2020

H. Bettina

Meet the team: Hanisha Bettina

Written by Hanisha Bettina My name is Hanisha Battina and I am a sophomore at IUPUI this academic year. I am currently on the pre-medical

IU School of Medicine  |  Nov 06, 2019