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Shatoria Lunsford

Research Support Assistant

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Running and Bone Healing

                                                                  Image source In my introductory post you may have noticed I included a photo of me from the Indy Mini.  In high school, […]

Shatoria Lunsford  |  May 08, 2018

Returning Lab Member Aamir Tucker

Hello, my name is Aamir Tucker and I am a masters student in Dr. Kacena’s lab at Indiana University School of Medicine.  I started working in the Kacena lab in May of 2014 and have had the privilege of continuously working in the lab throughout my undergraduate and graduate careers.  Over the years I have […]

Shatoria Lunsford  |  May 01, 2018

Welcome New Lab Member Venkateswaran Ganesh

It was the March of 2016 and around 0300 hours I received a mail from Purdue University, that I had been admitted to their graduate program at the Indianapolis campus. A biomedical engineering graduate program at a campus which also houses one of the finest medical schools in the country? I was thrilled. The system […]

Shatoria Lunsford  |  Apr 23, 2018

Welcome New Lab Member Gremah Adam

Hello all, My name is Gremah Adam. I am a Master of Medical Science Student at IU School of Medicine. One  goal of program is to prepare students for Medical School. It is a two-year program and I am in my second year, graduating this May. I have enjoyed my classes and found myself intrigued […]

Shatoria Lunsford  |  Apr 12, 2018

Returning Lab Member Alex Brinker

My name is Alex Brinker and I am currently a senior undergraduate student majoring in kinesiology with aspirations to attend medical school in the near future. I have been working in the lab since the beginning of my sophomore years (3 years in total now). I became involved in the lab’s research doing the Life […]

Shatoria Lunsford  |  Apr 02, 2018

Welcome New Lab Member: Riley Gorden

Hello! My name is Riley Gorden, and I am an undergraduate biology major at IUPUI. I work in Dr. Kacena’s lab as an undergraduate researcher through my participation in the Life and Health Sciences Internship program. Even though I am only a sophomore, I am always thinking of how I can apply my current experiences […]

Shatoria Lunsford  |  Mar 26, 2018

Welcome New Lab Member: Michael Savaglio

Hello everyone, My name is Michael Savaglio. I am a first year medical student at Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Prior to moving to Indianapolis I completed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Valparaiso University, as well as minors in Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology. While at Valpo I also played 4 years of […]

Shatoria Lunsford  |  Mar 19, 2018

Welcome New Lab Member: Rachel Mannfeld

Hey Everyone, My name is Rachel Mannfeld. I am currently a senior enrolled at IUPUI. I will graduate in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Forensic & Investigative Sciences, Bachelor of Arts in Biology, and a minor in chemistry. Forensic science is considered to be application of science to the law, which I […]

Shatoria Lunsford  |  Mar 12, 2018

New Year, New Team Members

Rows from front to back and L to R — First: Shatoria Lunsford, Alex Brinker, Melissa Kacena PhD, Nizeet Aguilar PhD, Marta Alvarez DDS, PhD.  Second: Rachel Mannfeld, Irushi Abeysekera. Third: Riley Gorden, Paul Childress PhD, Deepa Sheik Pran Babu PhD, Rachel Blosser. Fourth: Elliott Beckner, Jennifer Hatch, Kevin Maupin PhD. Fifth: Venkatateswaran Ganesh, Huseyin Arman, Aamir Tucker, […]

Shatoria Lunsford  |  Feb 27, 2018

KSC Team and Update

Here is a photo of the team helping at KSC. This was on our last day after all of our specimens were packed and ready for shipping. All of our ground samples have arrived at IU and at the Army for analyses. Our spaceflight samples are scheduled to arrive on Monday. After they splashed down […]

Shatoria Lunsford  |  Mar 24, 2017