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KSC Team and Update

Dissection Team

Photo of the team members who assisted with dissection at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Marlyand

Here is a photo of the team helping at KSC. This was on our last day after all of our specimens were packed and ready for shipping. All of our ground samples have arrived at IU and at the Army for analyses. Our spaceflight samples are scheduled to arrive on Monday. After they splashed down into the ocean (you can view at, they arrive to Long Beach California and then are transported to Johnson Space Center (JSC). On Monday, March 27th, they will be hand delivered to IU and the Army. And, then we will begin to analyze the data. It will probably take about a year to collect most of the data and to analyze it. We will keep you posted with our results – but posts from hereon will likely be sporadic. The most difficult part of the mission is behind us, now we just need to do what we are good at, the science!

I apologize, my assistant was out sick, so the blog that was supposed to be posted on St. Patrick’s Day was posted about a week late.

Written by Melissa

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Shatoria Lunsford

Research Support Assistant