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Returning Lab Member Alex Brinker

Alex B

My name is Alex Brinker and I am currently a senior undergraduate student majoring in kinesiology with aspirations to attend medical school in the near future. I have been working in the lab since the beginning of my sophomore years (3 years in total now). I became involved in the lab’s research doing the Life Health Science Internship program (LHSI) at IUPUI which sets students up with faculty members to get them involved in research. Upon completion of the program, I decided to continue working in the lab because I enjoyed the research I was doing.

I realized my desire to be involved in research early on in my undergraduate career as I had many friends involved in research who would tell me what they got to do, which interested me. I soon came to realize that I both enjoyed learning the “inner workings” of the human body as well as discovering new information I did not know prior. My interest in bone specifically was sparked due to many orthopaedic injuries throughout high school and college. The lab thus far has kept my interest and fueled my desire to learn more about what I am researching.

Written by: Alex Brinker
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