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Susanna Scott

Communication Specialist

Susanna focuses on communication for Medical Student Education, Faculty and Staff. She is also working toward her doctorate in health communication at IUPUI.

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'Able to hear them, to see them': Medical student draws on her personal experience with cancer to care for others

In the first month of the first year of medical school at Indiana University School of Medicine, Sandi Jones walked into a room where a patient with advanced cancer waited. “I was so nervous going into that room—for him, for his wife, for me as someone who could go back into having a PTSD relapse,” […]

Susanna Scott  |  Dec 17, 2019

2020 Spring semester financial aid process

The 2020 Spring semester tuition and fees due date is Friday, Jan. 10, 2020. As long as the spring semester anticipated financial aid amounts exceed the Bursar billed amount, you do not need to do anything at this time. The students who will need to act before the January 10 due date are those whose […]

Susanna Scott  |  Dec 16, 2019

Class of 2021 preferencing for critical care selective or advanced clinical elective

In addition to the core rotation requirements for the class of 2021, (Sub-Internship, Emergency Medicine, Radiology, and Transitions 3), students must also complete either one Critical Care Selective or Advanced Clinical Elective rotation during Phase 3. To compliment the Critical Care Selective(s) and/or Advanced Clinical Elective(s) you choose, you are also required to complete an […]

Susanna Scott  |  Dec 16, 2019

Why participate in MedSTAR? Learn from past participants

The MedSTAR program provides clinical and translational research opportunities for IU School of Medicine medical students. We asked two former participants and Class of 2020 students about their experiences, Ani Yalamanchali and Ethan Steele. Can you share what research you were immersed in through the IU School of Medicine and Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences […]

Susanna Scott  |  Dec 16, 2019

Class of 2022: Details for Mandatory Comprehensive Basic Science Exam (CBSE)

The Comprehensive Basic Science Exam (CBSE) will be on Monday, Jan. 6, 2020, from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at your campus. Please remember that this is a mandatory exam. All students are expected to be present on their campus for this exam. The projected session time is five hours and thirty minutes. The following […]

Susanna Scott  |  Dec 09, 2019

Meet Your New Vice President of Committee Affairs: Andrea Gonzalez

Andrea Gonzalez, who also serves as Vice President for the Class of 2022, shared her vision for serving as the new Vice President of Committee Affairs on Medical Student Council (MSC). Learn more about her platform here, and why students should consider participating on a committee to enhance their future career. If you missed it, […]

Susanna Scott  |  Dec 09, 2019

Meet Rebekah Roll, New Vice President of Leadership for Medical Student Council

The Vice President of Leadership works closely with the president of Medical Student Council (MSC) to serve learners across the state and lead the annual Statewide Leadership Orientation Day. We asked Rebekah Roll a few questions to learn more about her ideas and goals with newly elected President, Megan Chiu. You can read her platform […]

Susanna Scott  |  Dec 02, 2019

Critical Care Selectives and Phase 3 Town Hall Updates

Thank you to all who attended the Town Hall Meetings for Critical Care Selectives and Phase 3 Planning. Please see the slide decks and recorded presentations in the Class of 2021 Phase 3 RoadMAP on Canvas if you were unable to join. We summarized key points below based on your valuable questions: The IU School of […]

Susanna Scott  |  Nov 25, 2019

Meet Your New Medical Student Council President

Megan Chiu, a third year medical student at the Bloomington campus, was recently elected to serve as the new president of Medical Student Council. This group of student leaders governs the IU School of Medicine student body and acts as a voice and advocate for learners across the state. We asked Megan some questions about […]

Susanna Scott  |  Nov 25, 2019