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<p>Students, faculty and staff from medical student education at IU School of Medicine shared what they are thankful for in six words.</p>

Six words of thankfulness

journal that says "Gratitude Journal", cup of coffee and flower vase

Inspired by a recent article in The New York Times, students, faculty and staff from medical student education at IU School of Medicine shared what they are thankful for in six words. All 63 submissions are included below.

Daily texts: "You Rock. Love, Dad"

Ribosomes translating mRNA in our deltoids

My friends who practice social distancing

More Taylor Swift music, more creativity

Quarantine cat knows no personal space :)

It’s the little things for me.

My kid’s e-Kindergarten’s easier than IUSM (barely)

Tiger King, Animal Crossing, and Hamilton

Time spent in pajamas with family

Interviews came in after some help.

The ultimate excuse to say no

Lessened social pressures and sleep time

Dr. Ram’s lectures and Anki flashcards

I’m thankful for Anki and friends.

My small group members are amazing.

Got engaged, marriage and Match 2021!

Watching pups play all the time!

I am thankful for loved ones.

Extra time spent with loved ones

Beyond grateful for community and hope.

I’m thankful for this P/F curriculum.

Supportive and kind classmates

Time with my wife and dog

Fired boyfriend becoming a house husband

I am thankful for God’s provision.

No more pressure to be social

Basic Fundamentals of MCT

Thankful for my family and friends

Croqueta preparadas, pastelitos, y café cubano

Cats, cats, cats, cats, cats, cats

The virtues: wisdom, temperance, justice, courage.

More wear out of favorite crewnecks

Colleagues who remind me what matters

I am thankful for Christ Jesus.

Knitting and reading inside my house

Time with my partner and dog

More time with family

Spent six months home with kids

Pandemic rages, yet I’m still here.

I am thankful for loved ones.

My baby girl Isabella Zendaya Haywood.

I am thankful for Uber eats

Lots of support; closer to 2021:)

My MCT group - Kandel for life!

Step 2 CS might be dead.

I am grateful for my family

Unexpected time with the greatest family

Yoga, coffee, messy buns, and Zoom

Netflix, music, snuggles with my cat

Roof over my head. hot coffee.

Thankful for slow mornings with coffee

I am grateful for Jose Espada.

Family and friends, love and support

Dr. Graham Carlos and PGR team

An excuse not to work out

Rolling out of bed to ZoomUniversity

Health of my family and friends

Learning to appreciate the simple things

Perfecting my banana bread recipe.

Doing what I’ve always dreamed of

Not needing a real job (yet)

Graham Carlos for president 2024

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