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Peter Schwartz, MD, PhD

Peter H. Schwartz, MD, PhD, is the director of the IU Center for Bioethics and associate professor of medicine at IU School of Medicine.

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Dangerous Ignorance: What Patients Don’t Understand about Pharmacogenomics

Peter Schwartz, MD, PhD., writes about the emerging importance of pharmacogenomics as well as current shortcomings in patients' understanding of pharmacogenomic testing results.

Peter Schwartz, MD, PhD  |  Aug 30, 2023

Vaccine Fairness – The Big Picture

Along with the COVID vaccine comes important ethical questions and debate.  Dr. Peter H. Schwartz, MD, PhD, Director of the IU Center for Bioethics, offers these thoughts and opinions.

Peter Schwartz, MD, PhD  |  Feb 01, 2021

Historical Lessons on the Use and Abuse of Science and Scientists: A Letter from Patrick J. Loehrer, Sr. M.D. to Colleagues

Patrick J. Loehrer, Sr., M.D., the Director of the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center, wrote a letter to all members of the Cancer Center this week about the use and abuse of science and scientists during the pandemic and throughout history.  We’re publishing the letter as an IUCB blog, with Dr. Loehrer’s approval, since these topics are so central to thinking about ethics involving knowledge, uncertainty, and action during this pandemic.             

Peter Schwartz, MD, PhD  |  Jul 24, 2020

Your Behavior, Your Health, Our Pandemic

Controlling the pandemic depends on people wearing masks, washing hands, and physically distancing.  This fact highlights the time-honored truth that individual behavior, illness, and public health are tightly linked.

Peter Schwartz, MD, PhD  |  Jul 17, 2020

Outlaw Tennis: Ethically Violating a COVID Closure

An argument for climbing the fence.

Peter Schwartz, MD, PhD  |  May 26, 2020