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Michael McKenna

Dr. McKenna is a graduate of IU School of Medicine, where he also completed a pediatric residency. He served as chief resident and was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and the Associate Program Director for the pediatric residency p...

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The Greatest

Leading up to and all throughout interview season, I often get questions asking: How do I figure out what the “best” residency program is? Is there a ranking or a website or some other reference? These questions are natural. Throughout all of your prior education, there have been lists upon lists and rankings upon rankings. […]

Michael McKenna  |  Feb 02, 2017

New and Improved?

Have your ERAS application ready by September 15th. Have your ERAS application ready by September 15th. Have your ERAS application ready by September 15th. You have probably heard me say those words a lot in the past few months. But for some astute students out there, there may be a different quote that comes to […]

Michael McKenna  |  Aug 01, 2016

Now What?

After a momentous week filled with high profile Snaps, tweets and controversial video recordings, I am sure you are all wondering what should I do now about the on-going celebrity feud between #TeamTSwift and #TeamKardashiWestPerry….. Hmmm, no? Did something else important happen last week? Is that not why you come to this blog? Oh right… […]

Michael McKenna  |  Jul 18, 2016

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses

Last week, I discussed trying to find resources to guide your search for the “best” residency program. When it comes to finding the right fit, one of the other more specific questions that I get is “If I am a student with some bumps on my record, how do I know what programs are more […]

Michael McKenna  |  Jul 11, 2016

Hooked on a Feeling

As the Class of 2017 starts to get fully into “applying for residency” mode, I find that one of the most common questions I am getting from students and advisors alike is “What is the best resource to see which residency programs are ranked the highest?” Unfortunately, there really is no great answer for either […]

Michael McKenna  |  Jul 01, 2016

The World Is Waiting For You

One of my favorite shows on TV is the Amazing Race. If you haven’t seen it, the show entails a number of wacky challenges as you go around the world Phileas Fogg style. You too are about to embark on your own Amazing Race… to a residency position. ERAS officially opened for business today and […]

Michael McKenna  |  Jun 06, 2016

The Eyes Have It

While most of the newly minted 4th year students are anxiously awaiting next week’s opening of ERAS for Match 2017, for students that are interested in Ophthalmology, your application portal (CAS) opened yesterday for you to start preparing your residency application. There are some new changes to the Ophthalmology application process this year which are […]

Michael McKenna  |  Jun 02, 2016

Starting All Over Again

Graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2016 just happened a week ago, and yet it is already time to start focusing on applying for the residencies for the Class of 2017. Unfortunately, we still are not sure exactly when myERAS (the portal for actually putting together your online application) will open up for the coming […]

Michael McKenna  |  May 16, 2016

Do, or Do Not. There is no Try.

If you are like me and you love pop culture, then when you think of a teacher or a mentor there are number of characters that come to mind. Thoughtful, engaged individuals such as Yoda or Mr. Miyagi or Dumbledore. If you want to get medical, you could even think of crusty yet wise people […]

Michael McKenna  |  Apr 20, 2016

Do U Heart Me? Check This Box – 2017 Edition

The day is soon coming when you will find your one and only. Your destiny. The one you were meant to be with. The partner that will give you everything you hoped and dreamed for. No, I am not talking about Valentine’s Day, I am talking about Match Day! The day when you find out […]

Michael McKenna  |  Feb 08, 2016