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Starting All Over Again


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Graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2016 just happened a week ago, and yet it is already time to start focusing on applying for the residencies for the Class of 2017. Unfortunately, we still are not sure exactly when myERAS (the portal for actually putting together your online application) will open up for the coming application season, but as soon as I find out, I will be sure to pass it along.

Recently, I gave a presentation for the Class of 2017 which was an overview of how the year will play out, estimated prices as well as due dates when known. If you were unable to attend in person or if you wanted to view it again, it was recorded and the link to the online video is here.

There are some slight corrections to make from that day, all regarding Ophthalmology. First, I apologize because I had the wrong basic information for applying for Ophthalmology in terms of timing and prices. I was accidentally looking at the information for Ophthalmology fellowships and not residency. The correct information can be found here via the sfmatch. In summary, the cost is still only $100 and target date for applications to be in is Wednesday, September 7th, rank lists are due January 5th, 2017 and Ophthalmology Match Day is Friday, January 13th, 2017.

Otherwise, information for most everything is still unofficial and unconfirmed. Stay tuned and look for more information coming soon. Once ERAS 2017 opens up, we will be generating the electronic tokens and distributing them to each of you. We will also make a general announcement that the site is open.

If you have any questions or any other concerns that come up, don’t hesitate to ask!


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Michael McKenna

Dr. McKenna is a graduate of IU School of Medicine, where he also completed a pediatric residency. He served as chief resident and was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and the Associate Program Director for the pediatric residency p...