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Marina Sharif

MS4. Internal Medicine bound. The most consistent description of me I have heard is "animated". I like talking to people and am passionate about helping my fellow citizens get the access and information necessary to exercise their civic duty.

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Early Voting Options for Midterms

Hi classmates, it’s Marina here again with some voting tips for the upcoming midterms. 1) Get Registered Now (The Deadline is this Week!) The registration deadline in Indiana is coming up VERY SOON (Tuesday, October 9). Check TurboVote or Indiana Voters to register yourself, or make sure you are registered! 2) Vote Early Know that you don’t have to […]

Marina Sharif  |  Oct 08, 2018

Request time away to vote in the November 2018 election

IU School of Medicine encourages students to vote on issues that will directly and indirectly affect the future of healthcare. Educating the next generation of doctors rests not only in the ability to manage patients, but also in the capacity for students to recognize the importance of health issues,  public policy and advocacy on a macroscopic level. Students are encouraged […]

Marina Sharif  |  Sep 24, 2018

What’s an Absentee Ballot? Deadlines Fast Approaching

If you are not currently residing in the district you are registered to vote in, but still want to cast your vote there, absentee voting is an important option for you to look into. What is it? An absentee ballot is a ballot (voting card/form) filled out by a person who is unable to be […]

Marina Sharif  |  Sep 16, 2018

Get Out the Vote

Hello classmates, My name is Marina, I am an fourth-year medical student who happens to be very passionate about the importance of voting and fulfilling civic duty, so I am working with IU School of Medicine administration, to help with all of your voting needs. National Midterm Elections are happening soon so here’s some info […]

Marina Sharif  |  Aug 24, 2018