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Early Voting Options for Midterms


Hi classmates, it’s Marina here again with some voting tips for the upcoming midterms.

1) Get Registered Now (The Deadline is this Week!)

The registration deadline in Indiana is coming up VERY SOON (Tuesday, October 9). Check TurboVote or Indiana Voters to register yourself, or make sure you are registered!

2) Vote Early

Know that you don’t have to wait until November 6 to cast your vote! In every area of the state, counties provide the opportunity to vote early in person before election day. In Indiana, registered voters can cast their votes as early as October 10….28 days before the election!!

Dates and Hours vary depending on which county/district you are voting in.

Go to your Voter Portal or download the Mobile Indiana Voting App in order to find where your early voting location is. All you need is your name, the county you are voting in, and your date of birth.

3) More Resources



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Marina Sharif

MS4. Internal Medicine bound. The most consistent description of me I have heard is "animated". I like talking to people and am passionate about helping my fellow citizens get the access and information necessary to exercise their civic duty.