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Get Out the Vote


Hello classmates,

My name is Marina, I am an fourth-year medical student who happens to be very passionate about the importance of voting and fulfilling civic duty, so I am working with IU School of Medicine administration, to help with all of your voting needs. National Midterm Elections are happening soon so here’s some info to help you navigate the process and figure out which candidates you most align with!!

More to come over time, but for now here is some key info:

Important Dates for voters across the nation

  • 9/22/18: Deadline for County Clerks to mail out absentee ballots to those who have ALREADY submitted applications (meaning if you are mailing in your ballot you need to have submitted the request form well before this — don’t delay on this!)
    • If you are an Indiana voter currently living in a county that you are not registered to vote in and/or can’t make it to your registered voting site on election day, you will need to request an Indiana absentee ballot here. If you’re not registered to vote in Indiana, check your state’s absentee ballot information online to get more info.
  • 10/9/18: Deadline for Voter Registration
    • Register here!
    • For example, you can update your voter address to your current address if you’re not currently registered to vote where you live. Some residency restrictions may apply if you’re from out of state.
  • 10/10/18: First day a voter can submit an in-person absentee ballot
  • 10/27/18: In-person absentee voting available
  • 10/28/18: Mailed in Absentee ballots must be RECEIVED by this day
  • 11/3/18: In-person absentee voting available
  • 11/6/18: ELECTION DAY

For INDIANA Voters:

  1. Senate Race: Like every other state, we contribute two people to the senate of the United States. Current senators are Todd Young (R) and Joe Donnelly (D).
    • Young is not in the midterms this year. He is up for re-election in 2022
    • Donnelly is the incumbent candidate and will be running against Mike Braun (R) this November.
  2. House of Representatives: Indiana has 9 districts (numbered 1-9) which each contribute one person to the national house of representatives in congress. Each district will have an election this November. Click here to find out which district you will be voting in: Maps and Things

3. State and Local Elections: The state of Indiana (like all the states) also has its own senate and house of representatives. Each county and city also holds its own elections for various positions. See who’s on your ballot.

And FINALLY, do you not know where you stand on political issues at all? Not sure which candidate best represents you as a constituent? I suggest the following resources:

  • Best resource: reading about the candidates in the links above and talking about the issues with friends and family.

If you have any questions/ideas for how to get out the vote at IU School of Medicine feel free to email me at

Happy Election Year


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Marina Sharif

MS4. Internal Medicine bound. The most consistent description of me I have heard is "animated". I like talking to people and am passionate about helping my fellow citizens get the access and information necessary to exercise their civic duty.