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Marco Gutierrez

Communication Coordinator

Marco Gutierrez is a communications coordinator for the Indiana University School of Medicine, where he supports the Department of Surgery and the Office of Strategic Communications. Before joining the Office of Strategic Communications, Marco worked for...

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Chandan Sen earns IU distinguished professor title

Chandan K. Sen, PhD, wears many hats throughout the Indiana University system. At IU School of Medicine, he is the J. Stanley Battersby Chair Professor of Surgery. He serves as Associate Dean of Research and is the Director of the Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering. At IU, Sen serves as Associate Vice President of Research, and at IU Health is the Executive Director of the Comprehensive Wound Center. 

Marco Gutierrez  |  Mar 31, 2020

Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering hosts robotics experts

The Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering hosted Patrick Wensing, PhD, and Jim Schmiedeler, PhD.

Marco Gutierrez  |  Mar 30, 2020

IU School of Medicine surgery faculty reach pancreas transplant milestone

The Abdominal Transplant Division of the Department of Surgery has reached a significant milestone: more than 1,000 pancreases transplanted alone or in combination with other organs.

Marco Gutierrez  |  Mar 23, 2020

Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering developing improvements in prosthetic technology

Jeffrey Denune, a clinical research prosthetist, and Sashwati Roy, PhD, professor of surgery, are working to create a better prosthetic socket to improve residual limb health.

Marco Gutierrez  |  Mar 18, 2020

IU School of Medicine plastic surgeon earns award

Al Hassanein, MD, MMSc, assistant professor of plastic surgery, recently won an award to support research to better understand, treat and prevent lymphedema.

Marco Gutierrez  |  Mar 10, 2020

Trauma surgeon works toward improving community

Clark J. Simons, MD, associate professor of clinical surgery works with community organizations focused on at-risk youth, violence prevention and medical students who are minorities. With such a strong commitment to support underrepresented minorities, we sat down with Simons to discuss why he gives so much back to the community and his hopes for the future.

Marco Gutierrez  |  Mar 05, 2020

Creating a new generation of cardiothoracic surgeons for Indiana

Indiana University School of Medicine is working to combat the growing need for cardiac surgeons in Indiana and across the United States. The thoracic surgery residency program is getting young surgeons ready for careers in this demanding field.

Marco Gutierrez  |  Mar 05, 2020

IU School of Medicine trauma surgeon brings comfort to patients through quilting

For many people, quilts are synonymous with comfort. They may serve as a reminder of a parent or grandparent who gave them one as a child. Or perhaps, they simply are a colorful source of warmth. Sometimes, that warmth and colors are exactly what’s needed in the sterile white of a hospital room. Thats why […]

Marco Gutierrez  |  Jan 15, 2020

Ringside with Department of Surgery’s Alan Sawchuck

When people think of starting a fitness regiment, their minds usually first go to the typical gym image—running on treadmills, using elliptical machines and weightlifting. Sometimes thinking outside the box can be beneficial and help individuals maintain their fitness goals. Take Alan P. Sawchuk, MD, a professor of surgery with Indiana University School of Medicine, […]

Marco Gutierrez  |  Dec 17, 2019

Study: Molecule could be key in healing diabetic wounds

Researchers at Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering at Indiana University School of Medicine are looking to a molecule to help wound healing in patients with diabetes. Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce insulin, or when the body can no longer use that insulin properly. Insulin is a hormone […]

Marco Gutierrez  |  Nov 26, 2019