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Program Learning Outcomes

The Indiana University School of Medicine Associate degree program in Paramedic Science program trains graduates to perform as a paramedic. Through the curriculum, students gain critical experience and skills to perform as a paramedic.

Clinical and Didactic Instruction

The Paramedic Science program provides didactic instruction in the body of paramedic knowledge that gives  students competencies that guide lifelong learning as a health care professional. Clinical instruction provides students with mastery in clinical competencies necessary to perform as a paramedic and inspiration to pursue lifelong learning as a health care professional.

The program’s field internship develops a Paramedic Science student’s ability to apply mastered competencies guided by mentors in real-time situations.

Cultural Competency

The Paramedic Science curriculum prepares students to be sensitive to the cultural needs of patients of all ages and advances the student’s knowledge, competency and awareness of one’s abilities and limitations, the ability to relate to people, and a capacity for calm and reasoned judgment while under stress. Together, this training prepares the Paramedic Science student to independently process information to make critical decisions.