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Medical students get the opportunity to work in a wide range of medical research labs on the South Bend campus throughout the academic year.
Research Lab

Medical Research

At the IU School of Medicine-South Bend campus, external funding for faculty research exceeds $2 million per year. The campus’ young faculty explore a wide range of critical issues in medicine, including the circuitry of pain and the genetics that drive mosquitoes to spread malaria and Zika virus. Through collaborative partnerships with Notre Dame, faculty at the South Bend campus conduct research in excellent facilities and benefit from strong support from local service cores. Moreover, students at IU School of Medicine-South Bend have opportunities to work with basic science and clinical faculty in their labs throughout the academic year.

Harper Cancer Research Institute

In collaboration with University of Notre Dame faculty, IU School of Medicine-South Bend faculty formed the Harper Cancer Research Institute. The institute fosters critical research on breast, ovarian and pancreatic cancer and leukemia. While winning prestigious federal awards and support through private grants, faculty members at the South Bend campus have also been awarded Indiana University’s highest honors for their research and findings in cancer, genetics and infectious disease.

Student Research Programs

IU School of Medicine students at the South Bend campus can enrich their studies and training by participating in a variety of research opportunities on campus and throughout the community. With support from a summer stipend program, South Bend’s medical students often spend the summer between first and second year working in faculty labs with the goal of publishing findings and presenting at national conferences. Medical students in South Bend can also participate in IU School of Medicine student research programs at other campuses.

Research Facilities

Faculty at IU School of Medicine—South Bend serve as adjunct faculty at the University of Notre Dame and have access to research facilities on Notre Dame’s campus. Critical research instrumentation is housed in Raclin-Carmichael and Harper halls, including laser scanning tools and imaging and flow cytometry equipment. These tools are available to all faculty and staff of IU School of Medicine. In addition, IU School of Medicine faculty and students at South Bend benefit from the Notre Dame research cores and Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility.

Research Faculty Spotlight

Medical Education Foundation

IU School of Medicine—South Bend benefits greatly from the advisement of the Medical Education Foundation, a citizen’s advisory board that works to improve the intellectual capital base, research and quality of life in health sciences, bio-technology and medical education in Michiana. By sponsoring collaborative research in cancer, bioengineering and infectious disease, the foundation has a positive impact on the quality of medical care and economic development in the South Bend regional community.

Medical Research News

IU School of Medicine is conducting advanced medical research at its campuses throughout Indiana. To keep track of these developments, the school offers a variety of information resources, including a robust newsroom and research blog. To hear faculty researchers describe their work in person, explore opportunities to attend seminars and poster sessions as well as the annual meeting of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, featuring presentations and poster sessions from scientists across the state. Find seminars, scientific presentations and other live events on the IU School of Medicine calendar.

Research News

To stay current on the medical research work at IU School of Medicine, follow the IU School of Medicine newsroom and research blog, where investigators throughout the school’s academic departments post updates about their work.

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