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Locomotor Recovery Center

The Locomotor Recovery Center at Indiana University School of Medicine uses the latest experimental techniques and training models to explore and improve recovery from brain injury, stroke or spinal cord injury. The center investigates factors that contribute to a patient’s recovery—from molecular markers of neural plasticity and spinal cord circuitry to the impact impaired walking ability has on person’s participation in his or her community.

Clinical Implementation

The Locomotor Recovery Center focuses on translating new discoveries into rehabilitative protocols that can be implemented in the clinic. Past work has investigated the mechanisms underlying behavioral changes due to the use of robotics, body-weight-supported treadmill training, and pharmacologic agents as well as their clinical efficacy.

Current Research

Researchers at the Locomotor Recovery Center have expertise in a variety of fields, including physiology, neuroscience, physical therapy and engineering. Current studies include:

  • Effectiveness of walking strategies on short- and long-term outcomes during inpatient rehabilitation for individuals who have experienced a stroke
  • Evaluation of walking training interventions for individuals recovering from stroke
  • Relationship of sympathetic nervous system to motor activities in individuals with incomplete spinal cord injury


23902-Hornby, T

T G. Hornby, PhD

Professor of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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