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Student Interest Group

Sponsored by Rudy Yung, MD, professor of ophthalmology at IU School of Medicine, the Ophthalmology Student Interest Group (OSIG) was originally created by medical students to provide a learner community focused on this area of medicine. While ophthalmology is a part of the surgical rotation at IU School of Medicine, there is no separate ophthalmology rotation. OSIG provides students interested in the field of ophthalmology the opportunity to work together on rotations and help each other with the residency application process.

As OSIG has evolved, it now provides medical students with hands-on experience while providing much-needed ophthalmic care to the Indianapolis community.

Clinical Outreach

In recent years, the group has become active in community eye screening events through their work with the IU School of Medicine Student Outreach Clinic (SOC), a free clinic created by med students and run by volunteers. This clinic provides medical services to the uninsured and underserved populations of Indianapolis. Hosted by Neighborhood Fellowship Church, the SOC has continued to expand its services over the years, and, in addition to its eye clinic, has added dentistry, law, social work, pharmacy and physical and occupational therapy services.

The first two eye clinics held at SOC in 2013 welcomed approximately 20 patients at two separate events for visual acuity and glaucoma screenings. In 2014, it welcomed 126 patients. The eye clinic is now staffed with approximately 25 volunteer students, residents and faculty physicians. In addition, the eye clinic now offers visual acuity screening and refractive services, including prescriptions for eyewear, and has partnered with LensCrafters to provide eyewear to patients who received a screening from members of OSIG.