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Numbers are in: 6,304 IUPUI students to graduate May 12


INDIANAPOLIS — Several characteristics describe the more than 6,000 IUPUI students who graduate on Mother’s Day Sunday, May 12. More than half are female. Nearly all are Indiana residents. And one in four is the first in their family to graduate from college.

If numbers tell a story, here is the story of IUPUI’s 2013 graduates:

-          Three sets of twins will be graduating.

-          The oldest is 72.

-          The youngest is 19.

-          The most common degree to be granted is Bachelor of Arts at 709, with psychology (108) being the largest major. The second most frequent degree to be granted is the Bachelor of Science at 546, with psychology (72) being the largest major.

The smallest group of students, by age, are those younger than 23, at 12 percent. Those 23 or 24 years old make up 24 percent; 34 percent are 25 to 29; and 30 percent are 30 or older.

Women make up 57.7 percent of the graduating students, and 89.2 percent are residents of Indiana. The students come from 91 of Indiana’s 92 counties. Nonresident graduating students represent 39 states and 94 countries.

IUPUI holds two commencement ceremonies, one at 11 a.m. and the other at 3:30 p.m. Both take place in Halls A-B-C of the Indianapolis Convention Center.

There will be 6,386 degrees awarded to 6,304 students: 5,100 degrees awarded from IU and 1,286 degrees awarded from Purdue. The overall total also includes 213 degrees awarded to IUPU Columbus graduates.

Of the degrees being awarded, 153 are associate; 3,879 are bachelor’s; 1,574 are master’s; 64 are doctoral-research; and 716 are doctoral-practice.