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IU School of Medicine physicians recognized as ‘Top Docs’


More than 200 Indiana University School of Medicine physicians were recognized as “Top Docs†in Indianapolis Monthly’s November issue in categories including medicine, neurology pediatrics and surgery.

Rankings were determined by the Seattle-based company Avvo, which rates and profiles dental, legal and medical professionals across the country. Doctors were rated on a 10-point scale based on factors including experience, education, training and research. The issue is available on newsstands now and online Nov. 20.

The magazine also prominently featured several physicians, including George Sandusky, DVM, Ph.D., senior research professor of pathology and laboratory medicine; Anna Maria Storniolo, M.D., professor of clinical medicine; and Christian Schmidt, M.D., associate professor surgery, who made the cover of the magazine as one of the area’s best general surgeons.

Dr. Sandusky was featured for his neurological research using tissue collected from century-old human brain samples at the Indiana Medical History Museum. His work has revealed that these samples remain a viable source of genetic information — a vast collection of highly valuable data on an organ that’s increasingly difficult to acquire for investigation.

“I was surprised, shocked and honored by the story,” Dr. Sandusky said. “It will bring awareness about the effect that emerging genomic technology is making in a number of diseases, including brain science. This technology will lead to new and better patient diagnosis and treatments.”

Dr. Storniolo was recognized for establishing the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Tissue Bank at the IU Simon Cancer Center in collaboration with patient advocate Connie Rufenbarger. This tissue bank, which now contains specimens from more than 2,800 women, supplies healthy breast cell samples to researchers, including many prestigious institutions, for comparative research studies.

“I certainly appreciate Indianapolis Monthly’s attention to our work, as it helps us make women aware of our ongoing need for healthy tissue,” Dr. Storniolo said. “My work with the Komen Tissue Bank at the IU Simon Cancer Center has been a real eye-opening experience. We’ve changed the face of breast cancer research, not just by providing truly ‘normal’ breast specimens for the first time ever, but in so doing, by involving the consumer in the process. The women of Indiana can say that they have had a real impact in helping to find a cure for this devastating disease. They are to be commended for their selflessness.”

More than 375 area physicians were recognized by the magazine. The complete list of IU School of Medicine faculty members ranked are:

  • Anesthesia: Robert Presson
  • Dermatology: Mark Holbreich
  • Family Medicine: Deborah Allen, John Brown, Michael Brody, Michael Busha, Kevin Gebke, Scott Renshaw and Deanna Willis
  • Medical and Molecular Genetics: Kenneth Cornetta, Gail Vance and David Weaver
  • Medicine: Mohanram Anupama, Robert Bacallao, Robin Beck, John Black, Malaz Boustani, Ella Bowan, Jeffrey Breall, John Buckley, M. Scott Byers, Michelle Cabellon, Christopher Callahan, William Carlos, Melissa Cavaghan, Naga Chalasani, Brian Decker, John Dewitt, Bradley Doebbeling, Matthew Dollins, Michael Econs, Lawrence Einhorn, Lisa Harris, Harvey Feigenbaum, Joseph Fitzgerald, Rose Fife, David Flockhart, Evan Fogel, Allon Friedman, Gregory Gramelspacher, Richard Hellman, Debra Helper, Raymond Johnson, Sharon Karp, Katherine Kelly, Richard Kovacs, John Kohne, Michael Kraus, Amy Kressel, Rolf Kreutz, Paul Kwo, Daniel Livorsi, Patrick Loehrer, John Lopshire, Cary Mariash, Clement McDonald, John Miller, Kathy Miller, Dennis Mishler, Sharon Moe, Bruce Molitoris, Ranjani Moorthi, Stephen Morris, Kathleen Prag, Douglas Rex, Greg, Sachs, Saihari Sadanandan, Stuart Sherman, Rebecca Shilling, John Steenbergen, Timothy Sutton, Tim Taber, Joan Temmerman, William Tierney, Freida Thompson, Raj Vuppalanchi, Eric Williams and Douglas Zipes
  • Microbiology and Immunology: Stanley Spinola
  • Neurology: Martin Farlow, James Fesenmeier, James Fleck, Meredith Golomb, John Kincaid, Robert Pascuzzi and Brandy Matthews
  • Neurological Surgery: Laurie Ackerman, Nicholas Barbaro, Joel Boaz, Aaron Cohen-Gadol, Thomas Leipzig, Michael Pritz, Karen Roos, Mitesh Shah, Scott Shapiro, Jodi Smith and Thomas Witt
  • Ophthalmology: Daniel Neely, David Plager, Derek Sprunger, Shailaja Valluri, William Whitson, Darrell Wudunn and Chi-Wah Yung
  • Orthopaedic Surgery: Jeffrey Anglen, Christine Caltoum, Jack Farr, Thomas Fischer, David Fisher, Jeffrey Greenberg, George Gantsoudes, Randall Loder, Frederick Kaplan, Shyam Kisham, Greg Merrell, Robert Meneghini, Karen Myung, David Porter, Lance Rettig and Rick Sasso
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology: Mary Abernathy, Giuseppe Del Priore, William Gentry, Frank Gonzalez, Douglass Hale, John Hathaway, Kelly Kasper, Debra Kirkpatrick, Lee Learman, Judith Robinson, Emma Rossi, David Schwartz and Frederick Stehman
  • Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery: Valerie Ball, Susan Cordes, Stacey Halum, Mark Hamilton, C. William Hanke, Mimi Kokoska, Bruce Matt, Richard Miyamoto, Michael Moore, Michael Myers, Stephen Perkins and Taha Shipchandler
  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine: Merrill Benson, Liang Cheng and Thomas Ulbright.
  • Pediatrics: Shawn Ahlfeld, Sharon Andreoli, Rita Bair, John Breinholt, Marilyn Bull, Margaret Blythe, James Croop, Frederick Leickly, Robert Fallon, James Lemons, Daniel Kraft, Randall Caldwell, Timothy Cordes, Anne Farrell, John Fuqua, Deborah Givan, Sandeep Gupta, Paul Haut, Julie Keck, Young-Jee Kim, Jeffrey Leiser, Gilbert Liu, Raghavendra Mirmira, Donald Orr, Mary Ott, Sarah Palmer, Brenda Poindexter, Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, Marcus Schamberger, Chie-Schin Shih, Jeffrey Sperring, Maria Stanley, Patricia Treadwell, Terry Vik, Emily Walvoord and Rebekah Williams
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Peter Sallay
  • Psychiatry: Judith Bealke, Susanne Blix, David Diaz, David Dunn, Jeffrey Kellams, Jana Knable, John Nurnberger and Jayanthi Peters
  • Radiation Oncology: Jeffrey Buchsbaum, Peter Johnstone and Kevin Mcmullen
  • Radiology and Imaging Sciences: Richard Gunderman, Valerie Jackson, Matthew Johnson, Vincent Mathews and Himanshu Shah
  • Surgery: Jason Cacioppo, David Canal, Eugene Ceppa, Adam Cohen, John Coleman, Michael Dalsing, John Fehrenbacher, Gerardo Gomez, Kenneth Kesler, Daniel McKenna, Patricia Kennedy, Evan Kokoska, Alan Ladd, Stephen Leapman, John Powelson, Robert Havlik, Attila Nakeeb, Richard Mangus, Christian Schmidt, Rajiv Sood, Douglas Schwartzentruber, Mark Turrentine and Eric Wiebke
  • Urology: Stephen Beck, Ronald Boris, Mark Cain, Richard Foster, Thomas Gardner, Martin Kaefer, Michael Koch, James Lingeman, Timothy Masterson, Charles Powell and Richard Rink

Editor’s Note: Several faculty members were not included in the original version of this release.