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In 1994, Walter Daly, MD, a faculty member appointed by the Dean of the School, reviewed the recruitment and retention of disadvantaged and underrepresented minority students at IU School of Medicine. Daly recommended the formation of a premedical post-baccalaureate program as a pilot project to replace the Modified Curricular Program. The Master of Science in Medical Science (MSMS) Program launched in the summer of 1995. Establishing committee members included Joseph Christian, MD, PhD, chair; William Bosrom, PhD; Fred Ficklin, MEd; Edward Harper, PhD; Robert Harris, PhD; and George Rawls, MD.

Former directors of the program are as follows:

  • George Rawls, MD (1995-1998)
  • Edward Harper, PhD (1998-2000)
  • William Agbor-Baiyee, PhD (2000-2011)
  • Ronald Shew, PhD (2011-2016)

Vicki Bonds, MS, MEd, currently serves as director of the MSMS program and has held this position since 2016.