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Alumni share why they chose the Masters in Medical Science (MSMS) program at IU School of Medicine.
portrait of rhea sharma

Rhea Sharma | MD Candidate, 2023

I chose MSMS for its accessibility to study resources. During my MSMS interview, I saw that it offered just that and much more. The program's office was friendly upon introduction and committed to facilitating a great study environment for the students, with snacks and food always available, mentorship and consulting within access, a jovial atmosphere filled with a positive spirit, and encouragement. I saw that I could foster my individual goals at the program, hone my skills, and ultimately work toward the next phase of my career. 

Deena Mohamed | MD Candidate, 2022

I knew I had to figure out a better plan to prove to myself and the medical school admission offices that I was prepared and capable of succeeding in medical school. I stumbled across the Indiana University School of Medicine Master of Medical Sciences (MSMS) Program by searching through the AAMC post-baccalaureate programs. The program was the biggest unexpected blessing in my life. What drew me in was the small cohort size and the integration of Kaplan MCAT to improve MCAT scores. My cohort is my family now and we are all on this journey to become physicians together. 

Jordan Finch | MD Candidate, 2024 

I chose the MSMS program because I knew that exposure to a curriculum and pace similar to medical school would provide me with the necessary study habits and foundational knowledge needed to succeed in medical school.

Shachia R. Jackson | MD Candidate, 2024

I initially chose the MSMS program to strengthen my science foundation before applying to medical school. I wanted to get accustomed to the change in workload and tune my study habits before jumping into the rigor of a doctoral program. When I came for my interview, the program directors and alumni's caring nature sealed the deal for me. It was apparent that they believed in my goals, success in the program, and ultimately, they were dedicated to aiding me on my journey to become a physician. Looking back on my experience, I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of the MSMS program. I have gained mentors, friends, education, and experiences that will follow me for a lifetime. Spending my time between obtaining my undergraduate degree and applying to medical school in the MSMS program was the best decision for my journey.

Jasmine Kaur, MS | MD Candidate, 2022

There are many reasons why I selected the MSMS program after I completed my college studies. The program's connection with the IU School of Medicine, summer MCAT preparation class and robust graduate-level courses that helped me prepare for medical school. The built-in MCAT summer course in the MSMS curriculum helped me perform better on the entrance exam!

portrait of aonesti williams

Aonesti Williams | MD Candidate, 2024

I chose the MSMS program because it gave me a second chance. The MSMS program not only gave me a chance to repair my MCAT score, but it gave me hope that I was just as capable as the next person to be a successful physician.


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