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Department of Emergency Medicine Education 

The Department of Emergency Medicine offers a variety of educational courses to learners around the world.
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Freshen Up: Updates on Core Practices

Emergency medicine is ever-changing and fast-paced, so our educational materials should be as well. The course includes updates on core emergency medicine essentials such as evidence-based management of acute coronary syndrome and stroke. 

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Literature Review

Learn more about the process of preparing a literature review. 

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Free Resources

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Ben's Top Ten

Dr. Ben Hunter reviews many publications to help him make the best decision in the emergency department. Here are his top ten publications from the past year with essential take home messages to incorporate into clinical practice.  

Meet the Creators

11691-Hunter, Ben

Ben Hunter, MD

Professor of Emergency Medicine

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20875-Kirschner, Jonathan

Jonathan M. Kirschner, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine

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23548-Satorius, Ashley

Ashley E. Satorius, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine

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