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Young Surgeons Council brings fresh corporate ideas to academia

Young Surgeons Council

Gary L. Dunnington, MD, Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine, is pleased to announce that the Department of Surgery is starting a new program called the Young Surgeons Council. The goal of the program is to identify opportunities and initiatives that would enhance development and engagement for junior of members of the Young Surgeons Luncheon (2)

Dunnington explained that the idea came from a growing trend occurring in corporate America known as reverse mentoring. In reverse mentoring, a senior leader in an organization taps into the knowledge base of a junior-level employee by using them as a mentor. The trend is becoming a common practice among CEOs who want to hear from employees who are in the early stages of their employment to gain the perspective they may no longer have as veterans in the organization. Other companies have created “shadow boards” to capitalize on innovation coming from employees new to the organization.

Dunnington is establishing this program as a way for senior faculty members to work on possible blind spots they may have developed over their careers. As junior faculty come into the Department of Surgery, they bring with them a lot of fresh new ideas—Dunnington is looking to capitalize on that innovative thinking by partnering these new department members with established faculty.

photo if members of the Young Surgeons Luncheon (3)

Through the program, the department chair can hear ideas from junior faculty members in an informal setting, were their ideas won’t be stifled. The ideas that are presented can then receive support from the department’s leadership, and possibly bring a positive change to the department.

Dunnington explained that if the program gains traction and support with the junior faculty, he hopes to create a more formal committee that can bring ideas to the department’s Surgical Council (division chiefs and vice chairs).

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Marco Gutierrez

Communication Coordinator

Marco Gutierrez is a communications coordinator for the Indiana University School of Medicine, where he supports the Department of Surgery and the Office of Strategic Communications. Before joining the Office of Strategic Communications, Marco worked for...