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Faculty Spotlight - Gregory Borschel, MD

Gregory Borschel, MD, is the James Harbaugh, Jr. Professor of Plastic Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Surgery and the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Riley Hospital for Children. His practice focuses on pediatric nerve injuries, corneal neurotization, facial paralysis, congenital hand surgery, and microvascular reconstruction. Borschel's research looks into developing treatments for nerve injuries and improving patient outcomes. He works with neuroscientists, engineers, and doctors worldwide to improve treatments for patients with these conditions.

Marco Gutierrez  |  Jan 12, 2021

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Jonathan Fridell, MD, Division Chief of Transplant Surgery, receiving leadership award

Jonathan Fridell, MD, Division Chief of Transplant Surgery, receives leadership award

Each year, Indiana University Health presents Values Leadership Awards to compassionate and dedicated team members sustaining workplace excellence. This regional distinction is awarded to four

Marco Gutierrez  |  Jan 08, 2021

Photo of Dr. Weber Erin

Faculty Spotlight Erin Weber, MD, PhD

Erin L. Weber, MD, PhD, an Assistant Professor in Plastic Surgery, has recently joined the Department of Surgery Faculty at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Marco Gutierrez  |  Dec 08, 2020

photo of Sashwati Roy, PhD

IU School of Medicine faculty member earns Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium award worth  1.8 million dollars

Recently Indiana University School of Medicine’s faculty member and professor of surgery, Sashwati Roy, PhD, was awarded the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC)

Marco Gutierrez  |  Nov 30, 2020

Matthew Tobin, MD, PhD

Neurosurgery Resident Featured on MedPage Today Podcast

IU Neurosurgery Resident featured on MedPage Today's "Taboo: Medicine’s Dark Underside" podcast.

Glenda Shaw  |  Nov 23, 2020

Photo of Ghatak, Subhadip PhD

Tissue nanotransfection used to study exosomal cross talk between cells in wound healing new study reveals

Tissue nanotransfection, or TNT technology, is known for its ability to reprogram tissue within the body. Previous studies have used this technology to

IU School of Medicine  |  Oct 09, 2020

photo of Dr. Raghu Motaganahalli

Evaluation of the GORE EXCLUDER thoracoabdominal branch endoprosthesis in the treatment of thoracoabdominal and pararenal aortic aneurysms clinical trial

The Vascular Surgery Division at Indiana University School of Medicine, along with their Cardiac Surgery colleagues will be participating in a pivotal trial to determine

Female sex hormones administered after heart attack can help recovery study finds

Ischemia is a problem where a part of of the body, like regions of the heart or brain, isn't receiving enough blood. It’s caused by

Marco Gutierrez  |  Oct 01, 2020

Surgeons performing an operations

IU School of Medicine Department of Surgery and Medicine innovates in chronic pancreatitis

Chronic Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas that does not heal or improve—it gets worse over time and leads to permanent damage. This disease

Marco Gutierrez  |  Aug 12, 2020

Graphic with photo of Dr. Koniaris Leonidas and Dr. Zimmers Teresa

New R01 grant aims to discover how the body heals after surgery

Leonidas G. Koniaris, MD a professors of surgery and Teresa A. Zimmers PhD, the H.H. Gregg Professor of Cancer Research with the surgery department at

Marco Gutierrez  |  Aug 05, 2020