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Levelling Up: New IT Structure Offers Specialized Services Statewide


Indiana University School of Medicine has invested heavily over time—in talent, tools and systems—to address specific challenges with technology, and the successes are undeniable. Yet many of these efforts have focused on specific problems, resulting in limited-scope solutions that inconsistently integrate with each other or align to the school’s overarching priorities.

Now, as part of the school’s new strategic plan, a commitment to fortify technology structures, create a closer network for IT-focused staff throughout the organization, and establish IU School of Medicine as a national leader in the innovative use of information technology is moving forward. The school announced earlier this week that we’re merging the school’s IT staff within the Office of Technology Affairs to better position these experts to share knowledge, learn from one another, distribute work appropriately to meet the needs of internal constituents, and share resources collaboratively—as a unified team.

I’m excited about the efficiencies and creative thinking we can accomplish together through schoolwide deployment of accomplished IT specialists working as part of the three new specialized teams:

  • Data and Development (led by Marwan Hanania) focuses our business intelligence, data warehousing and application development needs.
  • Client Experience (led by Patrick Phillips) ensures that faculty, staff and learners across the state experience reliable and innovative technologies that support and enhance teaching, learning, research and patient care.
  • Security Operations (led by Jason Bozarth) ensures that the school’s digital systems are online and available to faculty and staff, operating efficiently, and protected from threats.

With integrated and secure systems that users throughout the school can use with ease, IU School of Medicine can:

  • Develop a common information and technology platform to organize and have accessible all research, academic affairs, operational and educational data.
  • Develop a transparent culture based on measurement and accountability where everyone understands the key performance indicators that are the highest priority for the institution.
  • Become a national leader in the integration of advanced and emerging technologies into the training of medical students, residents and fellows.

Ultimately, my intent for this new collaborative structure for IT at IU School of Medicine is to improve communication, increase the exchange of ideas among people doing similar work throughout the school, and create a productive community among all staff focusing on Technology Affairs.

Strategic Plan

We are making progress toward establishing IU School of Medicine as a national leader in the innovative use of information technology by integrating and thereby enhancing IT services throughout the school.

Strategic Plan

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Rob Lowden

CIO of Indiana University School of Medicine

In his role as CIO for Indiana University School of Medicine, Rob Lowden is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive information technology strategy for the largest medical school in the United States, with 11,000 faculty, staff and le...