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Team Spotlight: Dr. Sandusky's Lab

Team spotlight

Team Spotlight: Dr. Sandusky's Lab
The Quantitative Image analysis and whole slide digital Imaging Lab is currently involved with multiple high impact research studies and grants within IUSchool of Medicine. The tasks include the following: The Riley Sarcoma Precision Medicine study, Total Cancer Care Orien network, University of Illinois.

Testicular germ cell study, African American/Caucasian/Latino breast cancer study (Dr. Nakshatri), Susan G. Komen normal breast aging study (Dr. Marino),PDX models for the NIH patient derived repository (Dr. Sandusky), pancreatic cancer cachexia 5 year study and P01 grant (Dr. Zimmers), testicular cancerR01 grant, ovarian cancer study (Dr. Condello), and a non-small cell lung cancer study (Dr. Jalal). These studies require intense attention to detail, whichincludes not only analyzing the images by quantitative image analysis platforms, but also applying three rounds of quality control checks.

Besides cancer, the lab has also taken on the COVID-19 mouse study with orthopedic surgery ( Dr. Kacena,) and the Bones in Space study. The Bones
in Space study involves grants with the Department of Defense and NASA. These studies require the same parameters as the cancer studies above.
In addition to research, the lab also takes slides for education that are scanned in and digitally imaged using the Aperio Scanscope for teaching learners,residents, and CE conferences. The lab is the only place on campus able to do this type of education development and research.

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