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Welcome our new staff at Pathology

New staff at Pathology

 HANNAH IRMER is joining the IU Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine as a Warehouse Clerk. Hannah attends Ohio Northern University (ONU) and is completing her Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Physiology. She is joining our team as a student to gain experience for graduate schools for Pathologists’ Assistant programs. She joined our team May 23rd. She plays volleyball at ONU and will graduate in May of 2023.
   JUN-HAO LEI is joining the IU Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine as a Temporary Student Research Assistant. He is currently studying Computer Science in Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering located in Indiana University Bloomington. He joined the team on May 23 and will be in the team for the duration of this summer. He used to play badminton and is currently trying to recover from his clumsiness.
   KAELIN STEELE started with the IU Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine on June 6th in the Newborn Screening Lab as a Medical Technologist. She has a B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science from the IU School of Medicine and worked at Eskenazi for 4 years. Her spirit animal is the Saint Bernard and she has one named Nana. She also loves to garden and hike.
   MAXIMILLIAN RICHTER is joining the IU Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine as a Warehouse Slide Clerk. Max is pursuing his Bachelors in Geological Sciences at IUPUI. He is joining us after growing up in Bloomington, and four years of working at First United Methodist Church in various roles, leaving as Head Custodian. He joined the team on May 23rd. He enjoys checking out new music and building his cd/vinyl collection.
   REAGAN WOHLFORD is joining Dr. Chunhai (Charlie) Hao’s lab as a Research Technician. She is an internal IU transfer to Pathology as of June 6, having joined the Simon Cancer Center’s In Vivo Core in February 2021 after graduating from Butler University with a BS in Biology. In her free time she enjoys going on walks with her dog, Frankie, and planting trees with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.
   SARAH RICE joined the IU Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine on May 16th as an Administrative Assistant. She previously worked for the Department of Pediatrics. In her free time, she works as a Real Estate Agent for Snyder Strategy Realty, Inc. She enjoys concerts, traveling and spending time with her family.
   TRAVIS ABEL JEBACKUMAR is joining the IU Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine as a Research Assistant starting June 1st. Travis is currently studying at Baylor University for his Bachelor's of Science degree in Health Science Studies on the Pre-Medical track. Travis previously worked as a Research Assistant in the Carter Malaria Lab in Baylor's Tropical Disease department and is involved with several pre-health organizations on campus. In his free time, Travis volunteers as a teacher's assistant at the local elementary school and plans to create a homeless outreach program in Waco, TX.